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Clothes hangers

Short description of the sections:

  • Hangers for kids clothing - small size hangers, used for kids, adolescent and doll clothes, for underwear.
  • Professional hangers - withstand a big weight (coats, fur coats), have the shape of human shoulders, thus preventing the appearance of hanger traces on clothing. Most have a metal hook that allows to withstand a heavy load, as compared to hangers with a plastic hook.
  • Hangers for pants - hangers in the form of a frame or with clips for pants and skirts. "Frames" have a shagreen (rough) texture to reduce the slipping, but also some types of "frames" may be covered with foam.
  • Hangers for coats - the most practical, withstand the greatest weight (coats, fur coats, sheepskin coats) as compared to other types, and also have relatively lower price, because they are made entirely of plastic, without any metal parts.
  • Suit hangers - withstand an average weight, designed for combo suits (ex. jacket+shirt+pants), either sports or ceremonial. Designs of most types provide versatility at the expense of the shape and side hooks for pants and skirts.
  • Suit hangers with rotating hook - rotating hook provides an additional level of convenience for both store personnel and customers.
  • Blouse hangers - designed for medium/low weight, in many models are emphasized on aesthetics. Have special clips for straps on women's tops, etc...
  • Hangers for lingerie - designed for light weight, great attention is paid to the appearance of a hanger. The vast majority of ordered models are from transparent plastic (polystyrene).
  • Flocked, exclusive hangers - our company applies 2 types of exclusive coatings on hangers - that is flock (velvet surface effect) and a special silicone film (silk surface effect + anti slip).
  • Transparent (polystyrene) hangers for knitwear - hangers made from transparent plastic (polystyrene) are perfect for blouses, t-shirts, sundresses, nighties, and other light garments. Transparent hangers perfectly fit into a store of any style.
  • Hangers for fabric samples - Crossbars or frames with a hook, for stands and showcases decoration.
  • Hangers for shoes - Special hangers for slippers and shoes.
  • Other hangers - hangers, not included in any category.
  • Wooden hangers - hangers made from wood with a crossbar. Withstand heavy weights and still look solid. Suitable for closets, home use.
  • Metal hangers - metal hangers with clips and PVC coated.
  • Accessories for sewing products - suspenders, size indicators, dividers and other accessories.
  • Hangers for hats and scarves, socks - exclusive models of hangers that are optimized for hanging hats and scarves; hangers for socks.
  • Hangers under development - new models that have not been put into production yet. For all the questions regarding the development status and the release dates, please call.
  • Mannequins - torso-mannequins, hanging mannequins, lightweight half-mannequins, male, female, kids.
Metal hangers
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