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About Us

VaLexa (view certificate) — our own sales label in russian market of consumer products. Under the label we offer a wide variety of products, manufactured by our company.

We are working on the Russian market for more than fourteen years, constantly evolving in the processing and manufacturing of plastic products.

Manufacturing of products is developed in three directions:

1. Clothes hangers for sewing industry enterprises and trade of household goods

Our product line includes over sixty types of clothes hangers, and hangers for all types of clothing, including:

  • for blouses and pants;
  • for coats and suits with rotating metal and plastic hooks;
  • for kids clothing, lingerie and corsets;
  • for fabric samples, etc.

We are always ready to help our customers develop their own hanger design, logo, color scheme.

2. Plastic film and products from it:

  • plastic film made of LDPE and HDPE;
  • plastic bags for clothing products, including with bevel for shoulder and a hole for the hanger;
  • trash bags in sheets and rolls made of LDPE and HDPE.

3. Combs and hair curlers for professional hairdressers and for commerce of fancy goods and cosmetics

The site contains a wide variety of hair curlers and combs for any needs:

  • Heated hair rollers — 7 types;
  • Professional hair curlers;
  • Foam;
  • For perm;
  • Simple rollers with rubber band and screen.

Variety of hair curlers is constantly expanding.

In addition to the above-mentioned products, we manufacture products for household use, namely plastic lids for hot and cold preservation, soap dishes, toothbrush cases, plastic film production: greenhouse film, food plastic film transparent and colored, technical film of any color, trash bags in sheets and rolls from 30 to 300 liters, and also custom made plastic bags.

To meet customer requirements, our company pays great attention to products design, improvement of technologies, and is always developing new types of products.

Every year our product line is increased by 10-12 products, and it is a merit of our workshop (manufactory).

Every year we update our industrial equipment, participate in exhibitions, raise the technical level of our engineering staff.

For convenience there is organized a regional delivery service.

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Main phone:
+7 (495) 988-96-09
Other phone:
+7 (985) 991-09-25
+7 (495) 673-02-33
111024, Moscow, Aviamotornaya St., 65/7

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