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Hair curlers


Short description of the sections:

  • Heated hair rollers - Plastic heated hair rollers are simply created for those who live in constant time pressure. With their help, curling hair of average length will take from 10 to 20 minutes. The speed and simplicity - are the main advantages of heated hair rollers.
  • Velcro curlers - "velcro" or "hedgehogs" got their name because of the specific spiky surface, thanks to which they stick to the hair without the rubber bands, clamps, sticks, etc. "Hedgehogs" allow hair to dry fairly quickly, which is especially important if you are in a hurry.
  • Velvet curlers (velor) - "Velvet" hair curlers coated with velor are most popular with professionals because they provide a gentle, sparing perm and do not damage the hair. They also have different diameters and allow to do just about any hairstyle with the hair of different lengths.
  • Night hair curlers - soft hair curlers ensure a comfortable sleep and a longer curling result.
  • Foam curlers -
  • Everyday curlers -
  • Spiral curlers -
  • Curlers for perm (bones) - Bones are most commonly used for a perm, but they can also be used to create interesting and trendy hairstyles. Bones have a small diameter, which allows to get very small curls in currently popular African style.
  • Boomerangs - For many, their strange shape is unusual, however they are really very comfortable and allow to quickly and for a long time fix the hair locks of any length. The longer the "boomerangs" are, the greater the width of hair lock that can be winded. If you use hair curlers with a small diameter, you will get small curls, if with a large diameter, you will get large curls.
  • Curler clips - universal clamp-clips are suitable for any diameter hair curlers, hold firmly, but gently, without deforming the hair.
  • Cosmetics bags, gift sets - Being an original gift wrap, it underlines the attractiveness of a product to buyers and help promote it on the market. Besides, cosmetics bag is the most convenient accessory for storing cosmetics, hygiene products and other small things. It is possible to apply the logo.

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